Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wrath of Kahn

I just watched The Wrath of Kahn again. Incredible movie. Incredible music. Brought me to tears once again.

Carefully looked at everyone driving that film to see what became of their careers. I thought surely the director and writer(s) would rise to meteoric heights from that, but only James Horner went on to be increasingly successful. Though I don't want to detract from the superb writing, directing, and much of the acting, this cemented just how important music is to the medium of film. I come away all the more convinced that music should tell the story and dictate the edit.

At a couple points, I realized I recognized some of the exact passages in Kahn were used in Aliens, too, even before I realized he did both. Horner does completely awesome things with horns, appropriately enough. Don't think I've heard any film composer top what he does with a horn section, but he's just all around incredible.

I also remembered that the new Star Trek film was released by tricking movie-goers in Austin into thinking they were going to see a showing of the Wrath of Kahn, and then surprising them with a sneak preview. They were ripped off. Kahn was the better film by far. They should have hired Horner.

Back to what is likely to be an educational but dull weekend migrating and debugging server code, but I am at least inspired and energized.


  1. Nicolas Meyer didn't do too bad. I'd also recommend his recent biography covering the view from the bridge, it's also got some good insights into the filming...