Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beakiez Sneak Preview

We've been working hard to make Beakiez prettier. Someday (I hope soon) when you next run it, the game will automatically download a patch, and you'll get this new, much prettier version of Beakiez automatically.

We just released a sneak preview video of the new look. You can see a before-and-after effect by comparing it to our launch trailer.

Our new GameTrailers website with both videos is here:

Beakiez almost made this article in USA Today. I'm about seven paragraphs in, and the guy on the other end of that skype chat I'm talking about is Kevin Depue, who is the co-founder of opGames, the team behind Beakiez.

Will keep at it. The world must hear our cry to pop the bubbles to get the fruit to make the gas to fart more bubbles to free the beakiez with! Help greatly apprecaited! :)