Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd Presidential Debate Summary

I'll sum up if you missed the 2nd Presidential Debate.

Not Obama's most glib evening, but the content of what he did manage to work past his awkwardly pausing sentences was usually intelligent, insightful, and charming. McCain was blinking like a seizure victim but verbally far smoother and more self-assured than Obama. Some of McCain's policies were downright grounded, but on foreign policy, he frothed at the mouth like a true nut job.

The big surprise here was that Obama pwned McCain on his own turf of foreign policy. Just thrashed him. Took McCain's "talk softly and carry a big stick" quote and clubbed him to death with it.

Obama also thrashed McCain on just about every attempt to twist claims about Obama's stance on taxes.

McCain actually said out loud that victory, honour, and saving face are what matter in Iraq, and he said it with the clear, wide-eyed commitment of the clinically insane. The audience had a responsibility to boo this man and failed in their duties as Americans horribly. I think they were picked to fill those seats for their sheep-like complacency.

They were both colossal, exploiting-the-oil-pump-drama assholes by insisting on offshore drilling and prioritizing energy over heathcare and education. Both of these chumps need to learn how to play an RTS game. I know 12 year olds with a better grasp on sustainable strategy.

Hope this saved you some time.

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